Jacqueline K. Swanson

Advocate, counselor, and attorney at law: these words both denote a lawyer’s relationship with a client and effectively describe Graves & Swanson LLC partner Jacqueline "Jackie" Swanson's approach to legal representation. 

The primary goal of Jackie’s practice involves identifying practical solutions to complex problems while always considering the client’s interests and desires. This is true no matter if the end result concerns the pursuit of justice, the realization of a lifelong dream, or the simple need of a steady hand to help navigate a dark or difficult path.

Jackie has extensive experience representing survivors of rape, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and victims of crime. Prior to attending law school, she worked as a sexual assault victim advocate in several non-profit community organizations. During this time, she witnessed first-hand the many ways that sexual violence can negatively impact various aspects of a person’s life, such as employment, education, housing, health and safety. Jackie’s work as a victim advocate thus inspired her to become a lawyer, and she has dedicated her legal career to providing holistic and comprehensive assistance to victims of sexual violence seeking redress through the civil justice system.


Jackie has also dedicated hundreds of pro-bono hours to public policy work on behalf of survivors of sexual violence and victims of crime, both in Oregon and across the nation. For example, in 2015 and 2016, she and survivor Brenda Tracy advocated for successful extension of the Oregon criminal statute of limitations for first degree sex crimes. In 2016, Jackie wrote and proposed the initial draft of “Melissa’s Law,” which mandated rape kit testing across the state of Oregon. Jackie also helped pass the federal sexual assault survivors’ bill of rights, which passed out of Congress unanimously and was signed into law by President Obama in October 2016. In 2017, she helped pass a rape shield law for Oregon survivors seeking assistance through the civil justice system. In 2019, Jackie championed a bill which more than doubled the statute of limitations for adult survivors of sexual assault to bring a civil lawsuit in Oregon courts.  

As an advocate, Jackie believes that survivors have the ultimate right to decide the means, manner and method by which they respond to what happened to them. As a counselor, she understands the unique needs and difficulties of persons who have been traumatized by sexual violence, and aids victims in obtaining the resources they need to help rebuild their lives. As an attorney, Jackie utilizes the law to empower her clients to achieve the justice they rightly deserve, while holding institutions and individual perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Whether you are in need of an advocate, attorney, counselor, or some combination of the three, Jackie is here to support you every step of the way.





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