Hotlines, Websites, and Information for Oregon Crime Victims


Bradley-Angle House

Emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis line and support for domestic violence survivors in the Portland Metro area (Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties).

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.281.2442

Call to Safety

Formerly Portland Women's Crisis Line (PWCL), Call to Safety provides a 24-hour crisis line, advocacy, safety-planning, and a network of resources for those dealing with sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, and stalking in Oregon, particularly within the Portland Metro area (Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties).

24-Hour Crisis Line: 1.888.235.5333

Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV)

CARDV is located in Corvallis, Oregon, and provides a crisis line, shelter services, and support groups for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in Benton County.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 541.754.0110 or 1.800.927.0197

Center for Hope & Safety

Located in Marion county and formerly known as the Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Service, the Center for Hope & Safety provides support services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking in and around Salem, Oregon.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.399.7722

Clackamas County District Attorney Victim Assistance Program

The Clackamas County D.A.'s Crime Victim Assistance Program seeks to help crime victims understand the criminal justice system and guide victims of crime through the prosecution process. 

Clackamas Women's Services

Located in Oregon City, Clackamas Women’s Services operates a crisis line and offers free services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence providing support to individuals and families as they work towards a self-sufficient, violence free life.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 1.888.654.2288

Domestic Violence Resource Center (DVRC)

DVRC, located in Hillsboro, has a 24-hour crisis line and serves survivors of intimate partner violence and their children by offering counseling, advocacy, shelter services, and community outreach in Washigton County, Oregon.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.469.8620

Gateway Center

The Gateway Center is the City of Portland’s walk-in center for survivors of domestic violence and their children. Services include housing assistance and counseling/support groups for families, teens, children, and other survivors of intimate partner violence.

The Harbor

The Harbor provides a 24-hour crisis line, intervention, recovery and support to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Clatsop County, Oregon.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.325.5735

MayDay, Inc.

Located in Baker City, Oregon, MayDay Inc. provides support services and a crisis line to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and elder abuse in Baker County.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 541.523.4134

Multnomah County District Attorney Crime Victim Assistance Program

The Multnomah County D.A.'s Crime Victim Assistance Program seeks to help crime victims understand the criminal justice system and help guide victims of felony and domestic violence crimes through the prosecution process. 

National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI)

NCVLI is the premiere non-profit addressing crime victim's rights, both in Oregon and nation-wide. Although NCVLI does not provide direct legal services, NCVLI can assist victims in finding support services in their area through their extensive resource network.

Oregon Abuse Advocates & Survivors in Service (OAASIS)

Located in Portland, Oregon, the mission of OAASIS is to build a movement to end child sex abuse through advocacy, prevention, and survivor support.  Among other things, OAASIS provides counseling assistance to child abuse survivors who cannot otherwise find or afford such help, either by referrals or by financial assistance.

Oregon Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (OCASDV)

Although OCASDV does not provide emergency hotline services or shelters, OCASDV provides an extensive searchable list of resources for Oregon sexual assault survivors.

Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force (SATF)

Alongside outreach and education, SATF provides an extensive county-by-county list of resources for Oregon sexual assault survivors.

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
Provides information, help and resources for survivors across the country, and a national hotline.

24-Hour Hotline: 1.800.656.HOPE

Raphael House

Raphael House provides services to those experiencing domestic and intimate partner violence in the Portland, Oregon, including emergency shelter in a confidential location, support via a 24-hour housing access line, transitional housing and advocacy programs.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.222.6222

SAFE of Columbia County

The advocates at SAFE of Columbia County provide victims of rape, sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse with assistance through a 24-hour crisis line, safety planning, referrals to local, state and national resources, and help navigating the criminal justice system.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.397.6161

Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS)

Located in Lane County, Oregon, SASS provides community education, outreach, advocacy and support to survivors of sexual violence, stalking, domestic violence and abuse and their families throughout the Eugene and Springfield area.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 1.541.343.7277 or 1.800.788.4727

Sexual Violence Resource Center (SARC)

SARC is located in Beaverton, Oregon, and provides a 24-hour crisis line, as well as counseling/therapy referrals and support to sexual assault, rape, and abuse victims.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.640.5311

Sparks of Hope

Sparks of Hope is a Portland-based nonprofit organization that offers direct healing services to children and teens who have been impacted by abuse across the state of Oregon. 

Volunteers of America/Home-Free

Provides 24-hour crisis line and services to Oregon victims of domestic violence and their children, including assistance finding and maintaining housing.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.232.6562

Washington County District Attorney Crime Victim Assistance Program

The Washington County D.A.'s Crime Victim Assistance Program seeks to help crime victims understand the criminal justice system and help guide victims through the prosecution process. 

YWCA of Greater Portland/Yolanda House

In addition to providing emergency shelter services and a crisis line, the Portland YWCA's Yolanda Project offers support to survivors of domestic violence to increase their safety, economic security, and housing stability during and immediately following emergency crisis situations.

24-Hour Crisis Line: 503.535.3269